Service Industry

Red Zeppelin Pizza
Oct 2016-Present
Sammy's Grill
Server/Brand Ambassador
Oct 2015-Feb 2017
Sammy's Grill offered me the unique experience of working on a small entry level marketing team as a brand ambassador where I learned the importance of company representation and community participation.
Working at Red Zeppelin, I
learned to apply my skills as a server and a bartender in a more independent environment, mastering cursory aspects of service industry management.

Other Service Industry Jobs

Koi Sushi
Server, Cashier
Serranos Salsa Company
Server, Trainer
TJ Ribs (South Acadian)
Server, Trainer, Bartender
Crowne Plaza
Server, Bartender


Set Production Assistant
Feb 2016
Hydra Plane
Social Media Representation
Dec 2017-Present
I am currently responsible for the upkeep of all official social media platforms concerning the Baton Rouge band, Hydra Plane. I frequently update their Facebook and Instagram feeds, and advocate for future shows using video and image promotions. In all angles of my work I maintain the band's signature voice and appearance.
As a set PA for the Tribeca short film Elnora, my responsibilities included performing tasks for my assistant director, transporting actors to filming locations, and helping to uphold on-set integrity.

Other Media Experience

Quixote PA Bootcamp
Dayplayer Set PA for The Follower TV Movie

Writing and Editing

LSU's Delta Journal
Fiction Editor
Aug 2014-May 2015
While working as a fiction editor for LSU's undergraduate literary publication, The Delta Journal, my primary obligation was to review fiction submissions. I also helped organize fundraisers and recruit both new staff and submitting artists.
The Noobist
Nov 2016-Jan 2017
During my brief time writing for The Noobist, I mainly reviewed shows and movies using Wordpress software. I had the pleasure of writing in a broad scope of subjects with critical scrutiny and enthusiastic analyses.

Other Writing Achievements

John Ed Bradley Award for Best in Undergraduate Fiction
Published in LSU's Delta Journal
Featured reader at LSU's Delta Journal's fall fundraiser
Published article on Mass Effect: Andromeda for IG Critic
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